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Home Safety

Is your home fire safe?

  1. Smoke alarms.  Smoke alarms can warn you about a fire before it's too late.  But they're no good if they don't work.  Learn the sound of the alarms, and help your parents test smoke-alarm batteries once a month, by pushing the test button.

  2. Matches and lighters.   Matches and lighters should be kept up high where small children can't see or reach them.  Let adults in your home know if you find matches or lighters around your home and tell them if anyone you know is playing with fire.  Remind parents to use special lighters that little children can't work.

  3. Ashtrays for smokers.   If people smoke in your home, Sparky wants to make sure there are lots of large, deep ashtrays around - the kind that won't tip over.  And make sure ashes are soaked with water before dumping them into wastebaskets.

  4. Space heaters and portable heaters.   Space heaters and portable heaters should be at least three feet (one meter) away from anything that can burn - including walls and furniture.  Sparky wants you to measure.

  5. Kitchen safety.  The kitchen stove and the counters around it should be clean and clear of anything that can burn.  If pots are on the stove, make sure the handles are turned inward so nobody can bump them and young children can't grab them.

  6. Electrical cords.   Loose or broken electrical cords and wires are a sign of a real danger.  Play it safe - buy a new appliance or pay an electrician to replace a damaged cord.

  7. Hazardous materials.   Some liquids can burn. Paints, gasoline, charcoal-lighter fluid, and paint thinners should be stored well away from heat, sparks or flame.

  8. Develop a home escape plan.   Make sure everyone in your family knows two ways out of every room and where your outside meeting place is.  Practice your plan at least twice a year. 

  9. Fireplace screens.   Fireplaces should have screens or glass doors to prevent sparks from flying into the room.




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