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The St. Joseph Firefighters Union, Local 77, is one of the oldest Fire Department Unions in North America. We actively support local charities throughout the St. Joseph, Missouri area and operate one of the largest bingo halls in the Mid West.

Local 77 is one of the largest contributors to St. Joseph Area Charities and has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Our Firefighters Union has a proud history of endorsing political candidates that support labor laws and our members are in constant negotiations with the City of St. Joseph, in an effort to protect the Citizens of St. Joseph in the safest, most efficient possible manor.

If you have questions for the Firefighters Union, please call us at 816-232-9114 or stop by the Firefighters Hall, located at 4314 South 40th Street St. Joseph, Missouri 64507.



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